Let me skip an intro – I hope no one here is without reason. I am pleased if you read it. It is my first, not perfect, rattled off and fast-written text. BUT HERE IT IS! Welcome to the first Barrakuz telegraph!

Let me share with you a few words of explanation – simultaneously to my professional acitvities as a graphic designer I would like to describe more widely what currently happens in my already crazy life. A few words from behind the scenes, pictures, impressions, feelings. Why something look like this or that. Besides, I this is a place dedicated for post about everything that inspires me at the particular moment. And you can find inspiration is everywhere! In architecture, fashion, people and many unobvious objects. I might have already made you feel bored, but please remember I will do my best to always deliver a fresh portion of fresh delight.

First of them is a big cooperation, already announced on last Friday. I start with a big project for  Audioriver Festival. 


How Cool Is That? 

I think it is something incredible and without any hesitation I can admit it is a turbo-interesting challenge for me! On Friday there was organized a meeting with my friends and Festival organizers to make a first photo shoot and what I can already tell you – it will be an interesting adventure! Great joy, even much more work and challenges for the next 1-2 months. Fresh news about what it exactly is will appear soon, I cannot share a lot so far.

Thank you for all good words, "high five's" and so much love to my work. Many projects have been already finalized, but the best ones are still in front of me and I would like to describe them more widely. Fortunately, part of them is already in a design phase. Stay tuned for the next weeks, maybe months. It either will be fun, or this whole writing thing will become the greatest disaster of modern times.

Stay cool,